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Mansfield Board of Education Office 
Physical Location                           Mailing Address

856 West Cook Road                     P. O. Box 1448
Mansfield, OH 44907                     Mansfield, OH 44901-1448
Phone:  419-525-6400
Fax:      419-525-6415

Office of the Superintendent 
Superintendent:  Brian Garverick
Phone: 419-525-6400
Fax: 419-525-6415 

Office of the Treasurer 
Phone: 419-525-6400
Fax: 419-525-6345 

Office of Curriculum
Director of Curriculum: Stephen Rizzo
Phone: 419-525-6400 x56450

Office of Personnel
Director of Personnel: Mark Manley
Phone: 419-525-6400 x56420
Mansfield City School District Building Locations
Prospect Elementary Malabar Intermediate School
485 Gilbert Avenue 205 W. Cook Road
Mansfield, OH 44907 Mansfield, OH 44907
Principal: Martin Linder Principal: Andrea Moyer
Phone: 419-525-6313 Asst.Principal: Tom Hagar
Fax: 419-525-6312 Phone: 419-525-6374
John Sherman Elementary Mansfield Middle School
1138 Springmill Road 124 N. Linden Road
Mansfield, OH 44906 Mansfield, OH 44906
Principal: Michael Wallace Principal: Robert McQuate
Asst.Principal: Karly Watterson Asst.Principal: Jason Douglas
Phone: 419-525-6337 Phone: 419-525-6307
Fax: 419-525-6340 Fax: 419-525-6306
Spanish Immersion School Mansfield Senior High
140 Euclid Avenue 124 N. Linden Road
Mansfield, OH 44903 Mansfield, OH 44906
Principal: Gabriel Costa Principal: Dr. Jose Hernandez
Phone: 419-525-6321 Asst.Principal: Fuzzie Davis
Fax: 419-525-6386 Phone: 419-525-6369
  Fax: 419-524-2210
Springmill Learning Center  
1200 Nester Drive
Mansfield, OH 44906
Phone: 419-525-6347 
Woodland Elementary 
460 Davis Road
Mansfield, OH 44907
Principal: Kimberly Johnson  
Phone: 419-525-6325  
Fax: 419-525-6392