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G.E.D. Test Information

Mansfield City Schools Adult Education Department is an official GED Testing Service computer based test site.  All adults who pass the test receive an Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma and are invited to participate in our Adult Graduation!  Following are some frequently asked questions about the G.E.D. test.

2014 GED

· “GED is no longer an endpoint, but rather a springboard for further education, training, and employment. “ From Pearson Vue
· Computer Based Test (taken at an approved testing site, no online test)
Additional performance level endorsement will be available to show college and career readiness.
· Enhanced score report that shows individual’s strengths and areas of developmental need.
· Based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
· 150 Score on each test (600 total)=passing
· Credential is “National” not state to state
· Currently $30.00 per test = $120.00 for all four subjects

Purpose of GED

1. A path to a high school credential.
2. Evidence of readiness for workforce training or post secondary education
3. Information about a candidate’s strengths and area of developmental need.

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

2014 test uses DOK to measure cognitive demand for each question.
Content will not be more difficult, but will be more “complex”
20% of questions will be level 1
80% of questions will be level 2 and 3

2-Application, procedures, and multiple steps
3-Strategic Thinking, develop, plan, sequence, could be more than one answer
4-Extended Thinking (not on test)

Item Types:

Multiple Choice                Hot Spot
Fill in the Blank                Drag and Drop
Drop-down                     Short Answer
Extended Response

Extended Response Scoring Rubric

Passage Set à Prompt àEvidence based response
Times are suggested, the time allotted is included with time to complete subject as a whole.
Estimate that students should have typing speed of 25 WPM.

45 min. RLA

25 min. S.S.

Creation of Argument and use of evidence



Development of ideas and organizational structure



Clarity and command of standard English language



Possible points (passing not established yet)



Reasoning through Language Arts (150 minutes)


75% Informational text 25% literature based text
Ability to read closely
Ability to write clearly
Ability to edit and understand the use of standard written English in context


45 minute extended response
Analysis of Arguments and use of Evidence
Development of ideas and structure
Clarity and command of Standard English convections

Mathematical Reasoning (90 Minutes)

Quantitative Problem Solving 45%
Algebraic Problem Solving 55%
Academic and Workforce context
On-screen TI 30XS available for some questions
Formula Sheet available for questions that apply
Math Standards will also be on Social Studies and Science test

Science (90 Minutes)

Life Science 40%
Physical Science 40%
Earth and Space Science 20%
Textual analysis and understanding
Data Representation and inference skills
Problem solving with Science content

Social Studies (90 Minutes)

Civics and Government 50%               US History 20%
Economics 15%                                Geography and the World 15%

Textual and quantitative content
Conceptual understanding
Procedural skill and fluency


25 minute extended response-Primary or Secondary source text