Induction Client

  • Is a certified person, newly hired by the Mansfield City Schools, who has had previous work experience in his/her field.  


  • To orient and assist the teacher newly hired by the Mansfield City Schools so that the employee may have a positive experience as he/she begins service to the district.


  • A newly hired teacher with previous teaching experience.


  • The Induction Client shall:
    • Attend new teacher orientation and opening staff activities.
    • Complete a professional development needs self-assessment
    • Attend the training sessions on district policies, programs, procedures, services and testing.
    • Meet with mentor early in the school year and thereafter as needed, to review items found on the Employee Orientation Check Sheet.
    • Meet with mentor monthly to be provided with appropriate support and assistance.
    • Maintain an open line of communication with mentor.
    • Assist in the evaluation of the program at the end of the year.
    • Be required to attend all professional development opportunities provided by the Educational Support Program based on client’s self-assessment.
    • Follow established committee timelines