LPDC Forms

  • No CEU's or college courses/credits apply to your license renewal until you have a IPDP FORM #1, on file with the LPDC. When you renew, combine, or upgrade your license(s), your 5 year cycle starts over and a new IPDP needs to be submitted, no later than October 30th.
    • INTERNAL USE - online IPDP Manager - located in the MYNCOCC home page
    • MCS staff in outlying buildings - paper format
  • Reference information: 
    • IPDP Evaluation Rubric
    • Sample IPDP
FORM 2 - Pre-Approval of a Professional Development Activity
  • If the PD activity is not on the pre-approved list (see LPDC Manual), Complete and Submit FORM 2 Prior to engaging in the PD.  
  • Upon completion of a Pre-Approved  professional Development Activity Complete  and Submit - within one year for CEU's to be issued
  • Attach a certificate of Attendance and submit within one year of attendance. 
    • Certificates of Attendance do not apply to a license renewal- CEU's do
    • Form 4 not needed for the following - Submit your certificate to receive CEU's: 
      • Mansfield School Employees Association - MSEA
      • Mansfield City Schools - MCS
      • Mid Ohio Education service Center - MOESC
      • North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative - NCOCC
      • State Support Team 
      • Ohio Education Association - OEA
      • National Education Association - NEA
      • All state and national organizations that provide training to individuals that pertain to a current licensure/ Certification of Certified Staff Member.
  • Presenters only
  • For use by Educator - does not get turned in to LPDC -  a way to track your accumulated CEU's. 
FORM 7 - LPDC no longer Accepts paper please use the Digital Sign In 
  • Participant Sign In  (will only work if Facilitator pre Registered PD)
  • Original Copy of sign in sheet must be submitted to the LPDC committee within one year for CEU's to be issued
FORM 8 - Approval Verification (Reciprocity)
  • Complete when leaving the MCS
FORM 9 - Licensure Upgrade Notification
  • Complete when upgrading a license
    • Complete a new IPDP with the new license 
  • Complete when renewing a certificate 
    • 18 CEU's required for renewal 
    • 6 Semester Hours (LPDC requires official transcripts) 
FORM 11 - Verification for Consistently High Performing Teachers 
  • Teachers must meet the State Board of Education definition of consistently high performing teachers
  • Eligibility requirements 
    • Hold a five year professional teaching license
    • Receive the highest final summative rating on evaluations
    • Meet the secondary eligibility requirements for three of the five year cycle