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MCS Mentor

 MCS Mentor Information
  • Shall be an experienced person qualified by Ohio Department of Education training who has a similar job assignment, whenever feasible, and professional expertise, who will provide professional support and assistance to a fellow teacher.
  • To support and assist a client in their professional growth.

  • The prospective Mentor shall:
    • Fill out an application form (see link below)
      • Demonstrate an ability to communicate in written form.
      • Demonstrate an ability to give and accept constructive criticism.
      • Demonstrate an ability to sustain a helping and confidential relationship with a peer.
      • Demonstrate understanding of the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.
      • Demonstrate effective organizational skills.
    • Have been recommended by an administrator or principal currently employed by the district, under whom the person has worked
    • Participate in an interview conducted by current members of the Educator Support Team
      • Demonstrate an ability to communicate orally
      • Demonstrate a positive attitude toward improving education and the Mansfield City Schools by participating in professional growth and activities to help achieve the goals and objectives of the Mansfield City Schools.
    • Be chosen by a majority vote of the current team members
  • The selected Mentor shall:
    • Complete the ODE required mentor training and become part of the Mansfield City Schools mentor pool.
    • Be a teacher with experience, located at the same job site and with a similar job assignment as that of the prospective client, whenever possible
    • Be assigned a client from any of the three program tiers: licensure, induction or peer assistance and review as needed.



  • When assigned a client the Mentor shall:
    • Orient their client to the procedures and policies of the specific school and the Mansfield City Schools as listed in the Orientation Check Sheet (see Appendix).
    • Demonstrate commitment to advance the professional learning and practice of the client.
    • Design and facilitate professional development for their client.
    • Create and foster positive learning environments for their client.
    • Support the client with instructional and assessment practices.
    • Develop as leaders and learners through professional growth.
    • Complete required program.
    • Attend all mentor training/update sessions.
    • Attend orientation of mentors.
    • Attend orientation of clients.
    • Meet during the year with the member(s) of the Educator Support Team as needed to report the progress of the mentor/client relationship.
    • Attend scheduled professional development, whose emphasis will be on current educational topics.
    • Use some of the 5.5 days assigned to the Mentor/Client team in the observation of the client within the classroom.
    • Meet with his/her client in order to complete program requirements
    • Provide a confidential, positive and open line of communications with the client.
    • See that observations are made in a positive, non-threatening manner and are never to be used as a district evaluation tool.
    • Attend the end of the year meeting to evaluate the program and sign all Mansfield City Schools and Ohio Department of Education required materials.
    • Follow established committee timeline


MCS Mentor Application
MCS Intent to participate form
ODE Mentor Standards
ODE Mentor Self - Assessment Tool or Teacher Self - Assessment Tool
ODE Mentor Professional Goal Setting Tool or MCS IPDP


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