Mansfield Master Teacher

Master Teacher Program 
A Master Teacher is a teacher who demonstrates excellence inside and outside the classroom and strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth.

Per the negotiated agreement between the certified staff and the Mansfield Board of Education and in response to Senate Bill 2, the Ohio Educator Standards Board (ESB) developed the Master Teacher Program. Each district is required to establish a committee that will work with the district to confirm eligibility, develop local procedures, establish application requirements, and score each application. Districts will be required to report the number of Master Teachers in their district on their report card.

Criteria for Master Teacher designation:

  • Consistent Leadership
  • Focused Collaboration
  • Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment
  • Distinguished Teaching – Focus on content, Instruction and Assessment
  • Continued Professional Growth

Eligibility for Master Teacher status:

  • Hold a valid professional license or certificate
  • Have taught a minimum of 7 years
  • Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year
  • Work under a teaching contract
  • National Board teachers are recognized as Master Teachers
For more information visit the Educator Standards Board website:, Julia Simmerer at [email protected], or see Amanda Tridico.