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The College Credit Plus gives you the opportunity to take enrichment classes, that are offered at your high school, at eligible postsecondary institutions. The purpose of the program is to provide additional educational opportunities to high school students who are intellectually and academically capable of successfully completing college level work. Mansfield Senior High School intends to continue to provide a comprehensive and challenging college preparatory and advanced curriculum for its students as well as offering the postsecondary option.



In January of each year, Mansfield Senior High School will hold a CCP informational night. 


If you think you may be interested, you should schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss all of the pros and cons of participation.


By April 15, you must notify your high school counselor that you intend to participate in the program during the following school year. If you change your mind about participating after March 30, notify your counselor immediately so your schedule for the following year can be adjusted. 



Any high school student is initially eligible to participate in the program. Students must re-apply each year they wish to participate.


Each postsecondary institution has identified their own admission requirements. You must apply and be admitted to the postsecondary institution. Area participating institutions are The Ohio State University, Ashland University and North Central State College.


You may attend the postsecondary institution full or part time.


Whether or not you participate, you and your parents must sign a statement (attached) indicating that you received information about the program and are aware of the risks and responsibilities.



During each grading period, students must be scheduled for a minimum of FOUR classes total, between the college and the high school.  Students desiring athletic eligibility must be scheduled for a total of five classes to maintain athletic eligibility. 


All college courses will carry a 2.0 (Academic) weight factor.

  • No high school graduation requirement will be waived in whole or in part for any student because of participation in this program.
  • Under no circumstances will special arrangements be allowed for leaving a high school class early or arriving late to accommodate the college schedule.
  • College credits earned during the Spring term of the senior year will only be counted toward ranking if the course is completed by the last day of senior exams on the Mansfield Senior High School calendar for that school year.
  • Courses and grades for postsecondary classes will be reflected in the student’s transcript. 
  • The college grade awarded for each course taken will be included in the student’s GPA and class rank based on the following formula (exclusive of the final grade):

College quarter


College semester


Carnegie units


# of grades received

(excluding final grades)




6 (4 full, 2 exam)




5 (3 full, 2 exam)




4 (3 full, 1 exam)




4 (3 full, 1 exam)




3 (2 full, 1 exam)




2 (2 full, 0 exam)




2 (1 full, 1 exam)




1 (1 full, 0 exam)



Before deciding to participate in the program, you and your parents should consider the following points:



This program can help you make future education and career decisions. It will give you an opportunity to give college a try in a “safe” environment, plus the chance to sample a few introductory college courses.



Make sure you review your graduation requirements and academic standing with your parents and counselor. All high school requirements must still be met in full. Keep in mind that participation may affect eligibility, class rank, college admissions and scholarship opportunities.


Getting your college and high school class times to mesh can be tricky. CCP students are last on the college list to get their choices of classes, so specific scheduling is not guaranteed.  At times, it may be impossible to take the courses you want at both schools because of time conflicts. Starting dates and vacations are generally different for the high school and college. Colleges rarely have snow days.



You will likely find college level courses to be more accelerated and academically challenging than most of your high school courses. You will be expected to work without supervision and to exhibit self-discipline both academically and socially. Be sure you are ready for these responsibilities.  Students who earn a C- or lower in any college class will be dropped from the program. According to House Bill 66 and House Bill 530, you will be required to reimburse the school district for the tuition for your class, and the college may require you to reimburse them for the remainder of the costs. This financial obligation may be waived if there is evidence of medical or other extenuating circumstances resulting in the failure to complete a course.



Arrangements for borrowing textbooks should be made through the CCP Advisor at the college. Stipulations for return of these materials will be outlined at that time on the college’s individual policy. Students who wish to keep books or materials must purchase them with their own funds.



If you attend classes both at the high school and college, you will need reliable transportation to get you to both places on time.



Since you will not be at the high school full time, meetings for extracurricular activities may pose a special challenge. Be sure you can arrange to participate in the activities that are important to you. It is your responsibility to check announcements at the high school to keep informed of dates, deadlines, and activities.


  • You have the opportunity to take courses not currently offered at Mansfield Senior High School.
  • You can take courses of special interest.
  • You can earn college credit free while you are still in high school.
  • All state colleges and universities in Ohio must accept credits earned through the CCP.
  • You have the chance to experience part of the college life while you are still living at home.
  • You can get a jump-start on earning your college credits.
  • Earning college credit in high school may improve your chances of acceptance at some colleges and universities.



  • You have an increased responsibility for your learning.
  • Acceptance into the program does not guarantee access to a particular course.
  • You may have reduced time or opportunities for participating in high school extracurricular activities.
  • You must allow for scheduling and transportation difficulties.
  • If you withdraw from a course, or you are terminated due to grades, your parents will be asked to reimburse the school district for your tuition.
  • If you earn a C- or lower in a college course, you will be removed from the program, and will be required to reimburse the school district for your tuition.
  • If you fail a college course, the college may ask you to reimburse them for some or all costs.
  • Failing or withdrawing from a course may affect graduation.
  • Students and parents should refer to the college catalog to determine the transferability of a course to another college or university.


If you think you may want to participate in this program, remember that you must file a NOTICE OF INTENT by April 15.  Filing the Notcie of intent DOES NOT obligate you to participate, bit if you do not file one, you will not have the opportunity to participate.  


_____ Discuss the CCP Program with your parents.


_____ Schedule a meeting with your high school guidance counselor and your parents to  discuss your options.


_____ Meet with your parents and counselor BY APRIL 15 to develop a plan and an alternate plan.


_____ At the conclusion of your meeting, make sure all parties sign and date the Notice of Intent in this booklet.


_____ Complete the participating institution’s application for admission.


_____ Follow the high school’s procedures for applying to college.


_____ Upon acceptance, meet with the college’s admissions staff for orientations and class selection. This usually happens in the summer. 


_____ Meet with your guidance counselor in August to make adjustments to your high school schedule once you know what college classes you are taking.