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Mansfield Senior High 
Mansfield Senior High School 
124 N. Linden Road, Mansfield, OH  44906 
Phone: (419) 525-6369
Head Principal: Ms. Marinise Harris
Assistant Principal, Senior: Mr. Robert McQuate
Assistant Principal, Junior: Ms. Maureen Scully-Grube 
Dean of Students: Sophomore:
Assistant Principal, Freshman: Ms. Amanda Mahon
Intern Director of Career and Technical Education: Ms. Nikia Fletcher
Principal's Secretary: Mrs. Margo Owens
Secretary: Ms. Twyla DeVito
Secretary: Ms. Rosie Wagner 

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ASMZINE Scholarship Program
This scholarship is for students interested in Technology and Blogging.
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Old School Labs Scholarship
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Deadline: Dec. 31, 2019 
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National Debt Relief Scholarship
Available to graduating high school seniors with a GPA of 3.0
this scholarship award is open to graduate and undergreaduate students pursuing studies in STEM fields.
Link:  https://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/#applyforscholarship
Email:  Scholarships@nationaldebtrelief.com
Deadline:  December 31, 2019
Total Reward Amount:  5 studnets * $1000/student = $5000 

Honor - Merit Roll



Graduation Requirements – Class of 2020

Temporary Ohio law provided additional graduation options for students in the class of 2018, specifically, students who entered grade 9 between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015. State law does not provide these options to students in the classes of 2019 and beyond. Students in the classes of 2019 and beyond will be expected to satisfy one of the original three pathways to graduation. Information regarding high school graduation requirements and the three pathways can be found here. 

For additional resources to support students in meeting graduation requirements, visit the links below.

Resources: High School Tested Courses
For each tested subject, available resources include Ohio’s Learning Standards, Model Curriculum, practice tests and answer keys, test blueprints, released items, test and item specifications, data available in the Online Reporting System and additional resources to support student learning.

Industry-Recognized Credentials
Students may earn credentials in a classroom, on their own or through work-based learning experiences. Find a comprehensive list of all approved industry-recognized credentials with links to the credentialing organization webpages. 

Senior Only Credential Program
Students across the state of Ohio are successfully earning industry-recognized credentials. Want to know what credentials students are earning in your area? Click here to access a list of credentials being earned by students in school districts across Ohio.

WorkKeys Practice Tests
WorkKeys practice tests are available on the OhioMeansJobs webpage. When paired with a 12-point industry-recognized credential, students can use the WorkKeys assessment to satisfy graduation requirements. 

ACT and SAT Practice Tests
Practice tests for the ACT and SAT are available on the Department's webpage and through the OhioMeansJobs College and Career Readiness Tool. Students can satisfy graduation requirements by earning remediation-free scores on the college entrance tests.

Please contact gradrequirements@education.ohio.gov with questions regarding graduation requirements for the classes of 2019 and beyond or industrycredentials@education.ohio.gov with questions regarding industry-recognized credentials or the Senior Only Credential Program.