Mansfield Middle School and Tyger Digital Academy Spring Clubs

Tyger clubs look a bit different this year!

Students can participate from home or on campus.

Exciting New Clubs

Scholastic Rise UP and COSI Science Clubs

Math Games, Personal Finance

Poetry and Writing

Tympanic Step and Yoga

Robotics, Coding

Youth Entrepreneurs

Most clubs can be accessed from Google Classrooms and Google Meet, just like daytime classes.

Hello families!

Tyger Clubs after-school program spring schedule starts Jan. 25! We have plenty of fun activities designed to help students brush up on academic skills, get some exercise, learn new skills and discover more about themselves and the world around them. Please encourage your middle school student to participate online or in-person.

We follow the same schedule for after-school time as daytime. For example, if students are coming to school under the blended schedule, the same will apply for after-school. Tyger Digital Academy students will meet online every day. Homework Help on Fridays meets online only.

We also will follow the same guidelines regarding COVID procedures for safety. Students will be required to wear masks unless they are exempt, and follow social distancing guidelines. Students will remain in the same classroom for the two hours they will be in clubs. We have secured a hallway in the middle school for the academic and health and wellness clubs, which isn't being used for day classes. The classrooms are close to the restrooms and water fountain. Classrooms will be sanitized daily. Career Tech clubs will meet in their areas, and the same procedures apply.

Transportation is provided. Note: Bus transportation may not be available the first week for students new to the clubs. A letter will be sent home to confirm the bus start date.

Tyger Clubs Important Dates

Jan. 25 - First day of spring clubs

Feb. 15 — No Clubs (President's Day)

March 12 - no clubs (district in-service)

March 23 — no clubs (early release)

April 2 — April 1 1 - no clubs (spring recess)

April 23 — Last day of spring clubs

Questions: Please contact site coordinator Christina Drain at [email protected] or 419-525-6307 ext. 61209.

Tyger Clubs Descriptions

Students must participate in at least three days of activities, including at least one Language Arts Club and one Math Club, marked with *.

All students will be signed up for Homework Help. They may sign up and attend regular clubs, but if they feel they need homework help that day, they can choose homework help instead of their regular club. Students may also be registered for Homework Help if more help is needed.


Rise UP Reading Club* - Enhance your reading skills with this fun and interactive reading club. Students will read, write and discuss books in order to increase their reading ability and scores. Tuesday.

To, Too Many Children and Other Poetry* - Enjoy poetry written by a local teenager, explore other poetry, and be inspired to write your own. Monday.

 News Quiz* - Keep up with current events around the world with a newscast from PBS's KET network, then discuss how that news impacts us. Wednesday

Math Games*- Fun interactive activities that center on math, from board games to online games. Tuesday.

Cavaliers Math Hoops* - The program engages students in fundamental math and social-emotional learning through the game of basketball! Working with real NBA and WNBA player stats, students compete in NBA Math Hoops games, with the chance to attend regional and national events. Wednesday, Thursday.

Personal Finance* - Students will discover and apply essential personal finance concepts, including how money works, how to evaluate everyday decisions, career planning, setting goals, creating spending and savings plans, and managing credit. Monday

Science - Using experiments from COSI, students explore the weird world of science, focusing and Space and Nature! Tuesday, Thursday.

Homework help - Designed for all students who might need homework help. Monday - Friday.


NECIC Community Connections - Each week interesting community members will talk about Mansfield - the good things and the issues that face us now. You will have a chance to learn more about the community you live in and ask questions of the experts. Learn how to make a difference in your community! Thursday

Growth Mindset - Do you want a positive mind? This club is for you. You will dig deep into your minds to develop that positive mindset to help you be successful and confident. Tuesday.

Tympanic Step team -Students will learn the art of using the body to create rhythmic sounds. Participation will help develop leadership skills, discipline, and express creativity through unity and teamwork. Tuesday.

Yoga - Build strength in your body and mind in this beginner yoga and mindfulness flow. Thursday.


Cosmetology - Build your self-esteem through make-up, hair styling, nail application. We will also do some team building and self-confidence exercises. Thursday.

ArtCenter STEAM Club - Learn how art intertwines with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM). Students will have weekly lessons with an Art Center Consultant. Art opportunities include ceramics, glass fusion, and drawing basics. At the conclusion of the club, an Art Show and Reception will be held for the students to show off their art projects to family and friends at the Art Center. Don't miss out on all the STEAM fun. Tuesday, Thursday.

 Make It, Take It - Get in touch with your creative side! Design and make your own jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces, as well as learn other crafts such as making pendants, painting your own bird houses, making friendship bracelets, stencil signs, sports team and/or mascot painting, and other crafts that may interest you. This class is for both males and females. You may just learn a fun new hobby and find talents you never knew you had. Monday.

Robotics - Learn building and coding for robotics. Monday.

Tyger Code - Using Google's CS FIRST program students code with Scratch. With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. Monday.

Youth Entrepreneurs - Youth Entrepreneurs equips youth with the values and vision to pursue their dreams, striving to open the mindsets of young people, so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. The Youth Entrepreneur education model instills entrepreneurial and economic principles built for prosperity. This program inspires students to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for good. Thursday. Register here:


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