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Brandon Polak selected to represent Ohio at Washington D.C.

Brandon Polak was selected as one of 42 students in  the United States, and he will represent Ohio at Washington D.C., in congress.

Brandon stated, “Last week, I got some amazing news! I have been selected to represent the state of Ohio in the YMCA Youth Advocacy Program. This is probably the best opportunity I've ever been given and I was stoked to receive that email. The Youth Advocacy Program takes one student from 42 different states to represent the youth. You create an advocacy plan, interview students, and share your experiences. This program will send me to Washington D.C. in February to work in the Capitol Building”. 

This program, which is sponsored by the YMCA USA Relations Office, is a program that spans over 4 months. Creating wonderful opportunities to gain practical experience working on policy solutions to help with youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. 

“I am so excited to be involved with this program and I think it will help to develop more political knowledge and experience”.

“Politics to me is inevitably my future career path. I've worked with local campaigns, hosted political events, worked for local parties, worked for the Board of Elections, been involved with local safety committees, and of course Youth and Government. YMCA Youth and Government for me was the best thing to happen to me. Getting involved in Student Politics is amazing, and I have to credit Mr. Robert Watson for that. Without him I would certainly not be as involved in politics as I am today”.

“When I was elected as Chief Justice for the 72nd Annual YMCA Youth and Government Conference, that was a great day. Getting this news even tops that!” 

“I am so happy to be a student from Mansfield Senior High School, and I am happy knowing that I will be representing this school during my work and travels to our nation's capital.”  

What titles I have and what i'm involved in:

  • Chief Justice, Ohio YMCA Youth and Government

  • President of the Mansfield Delegation of Ohio YMCA Youth and Government

  • The new title of Youth Advocacy Representative from Ohio

  • Administrative Director of the Mansfield Committee for Community Safety (not associated with school)

  • Member of the Richland County Young Democrats

  • Member of the Richland County Democratic Women’s Caucus

11th Grade Student

“Politics is my sport, its my realm” - Brandon Polak

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