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Hog Mollies Reading Initiative

With so much disruption to the traditional school year, Superintendent Stan Jefferson wanted to ensure the partnership with 2nd & 7 Foundation could continue. He implored staff and administrators to be vigilant in coordinating efforts safely so that the enthusiasm for reading would be highlighted again for the 2020-2021 school year. 

2nd & 7 Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 by three former Ohio State University linemen, Mike Vrabel, Luke Fickell and Ryan Miller. Their first year they were able to raise enough money to provide books to seven different second grade classrooms. Thus, their name was born while also tying it to a down and distance football term. Their mission is to promote reading by providing free books and positive role models to kids in need while encouraging young athletes of the community to pay it forward. This is Mansfield City School’s second year of partnership.

“Mansfield is a great model I would love to see other districts adopt,” said Janet Kasoff, Senior Program Manager at 2nd & 7 Foundation. “They’re meeting with kids - not just one time throughout the year - but several times throughout the year, she said. “As a result, they are building really strong relationships with the kids.”  

This model was not shaken by the pandemic this year. Each second-grader again will receive a new Hog Mollie’s book each month - as provided by the foundation at no cost. Students of Tyger Digital Academy will be included. Some TDA students were provided the books while testing at Mid-Ohio Conference Center while others will receive them in coordination with meal delivery and other efforts. In addition to the readings, enrichment activities will follow to emphasize the book’s themes that include diversity, kindness, leadership, perseverance and anti-bullying.

This year readings will be pre-recorded by guests. While the live interaction is missed, “it’s safer,” said Winston Greene, District Testing Coordinator. Greene also notes that having pre-recorded readings means families can view them multiple times. Accessibility and reach will also increase as result as the readings will be made available district wide on Clever. This month, the kickoff will begin with Mansfield Senior High Varsity Football Coach, Chioke Bradley. The schedule for guest readers by month is as follows:


  • December 2020 - Victoria Brown: Big Birthday Bash


  • January 2021 - Renda Cline: Camp Carmen Campfire


  • February 2021 - Shad Creamer: Great Golden Gizmo


  • March 2021 - Gary Feagin: Huddle's Healthy Halo


  • March 2021 - Seth Miller: Little Lily's Legacy


  • April 2021 - Veronica Payne: Pickle Pie Party


  • April 2021 - Zoey Reip: Rocky Relay Race


  • May 2021 - Marquis Sykes: Sloopy the Silver Snake


  • May 2021 - Sheryl Weber and Caroline Grace Williams: Zooming Zackle Zoit

To learn more about the 2nd & 7 Foundation, visit their website at