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Facilities and Maintenance departments in full swing during summer break

Summer break is the perfect time for Mansfield City Schools to implement updates and upgrades to its facilities. Bob Booth, Facilities Manager - a 33 year veteran of the department - is excited about the opportunity to provide facility upgrades on behalf of the students, families and staff of MCS. 

Below are various projects currently happening throughout the district:

Arlin Field

The biggest project is completing the many updates to Arlin Field, which has been in existence since 1947. Concrete resurfacing upgrades have already been completed. Drainage, insulation and signage updates are happening now. What began in March 2021 was delayed due to rainfall. Bob Booth anticipates all work will come to a close by mid-August. Work not able to be completed by that deadline will not be a deterrent to the start of the Tyger football season.

Other improvements include the press boxes, which will receive new countertops, lights, paint and carpet; a 12 X 12 digital billboard, lighting and asphalt as well as new fencing around the stadium. A noted improvement is the addition of 150 foot candles  light panels that will allow for streaming of live television. The practice field will also receive new lights. 

HVAC installation

Two of the district’s oldest buildings, Sherman Elementary and Springmill STEM, will receive a much anticipated installment of a modern heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system. This project was made possible with funding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These buildings were built in the 1960s and are the most vulnerable to heat in the summer months and cold in the winter months. This project is anticipated to be finished by the beginning of 2022. 

In addition, the Raemelton building will also receive improvements to its existing HVAC system. 

Mansfield Senior High

The high school is undergoing a complete lighting upgrade. It includes: hallways, gymnasium, classrooms, commons and the auditorium. HVAC upgrades and asphalt are also underway.

Malabar Intermediate

The natatorium at Malabar Intermediate is also receiving a facelift. This includes a new roof, lighting and paint. Malabar will also receive a whole building generator - the first of its kind in the district. In the event the building loses electricity, the generator will continue to power the entire school.

Additionally, Spanish Immersion will receive asphalt repairs and the tennis courts will receive a refresh. The maintenance department will continue to provide consistent upkeep of the grounds including plumbing, mowing, window and door repairs. 

Booth says that COVID-19 mitigation procedures will continue to be in place during the upcoming school year. The maintenance staff is working closely with CoreAmerica, an organization from New York who is training custodians on state-of-the-art sanitation practices in response to COVID-19. CoreAmerica has been partnering with the district and evaluating their practices. Scores increase each time - with some custodians reaching 100 percent on assessments. 

Booth and his staff are committed to receiving the training and implementing the tools to ensure MCS can do its part in serving its students.