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A Classroom Family
We have been talking about how we are a Classroom Family in Mrs. Miller’s first-grade Classroom at Sherman Elementary. We spend most of our days with each other so we need to make it feel like home, a place we want to be, and like a family. We have done a few projects that revolved around that theme, but my favorite is the puzzle. They all were given a blank puzzle piece. They were told to decorate it however they chose!! We talked about how each piece is unique, no 2 pieces look the same. We compared that to each of us- we look different, talk different, act different, like different things, learn differently, and are each unique. BUT, when we all connect and become a classroom family, each one of us fits perfectly together to make a beautiful masterpiece and it takes every single one of us to complete our classroom heart. It took a lot of teamwork, hard work, and determination to get this puzzle together but we did it!! They had no idea what shape it was going to make until it was finished. It now hangs in our room as a reminder of our Classroom Family. Why do we have some blank puzzle pieces you may ask? That’s simple- because as the year goes on, we may get new students into our classroom and we have the perfect spot in our heart where they belong!