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Mansfield City Schools New Master Teacher's Canidate

As Chair of the Mansfield City Schools Master Committee, Michelle DIals has publicly announced that we have 1 candidate who has successfully attained Master Teacher status this year through the Mansfield City Schools Master Teacher Committee.  She is the twenty-first teacher (not including renewals) to attain Master Teacher status through the Mansfield City Schools Master Teacher Committee.

    The newest successful candidates to earn this distinction is:

Carmen Egner - Mansfield Middle School - New Candidate

    A Master Teacher, as defined by the State of Ohio, is a teacher who “Demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning.  A master teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by the Standards for Ohio Teachers.”

    The above teachers started the process of becoming a Master Teacher with 2 recommendations.  Each then prepared a portfolio that included writing and evidence pieces relating to 5 main domains as they relate to their teaching and professional development.

    Domain A:  Consistent Leadership

    Domain B:  Distinguished Teaching: Focus on Collaboration and Communication

    Domain C:  Distinguished Teaching: Focus on Students and Environment

    Domain D:  Distinguished Teaching: Focus on Content, Instruction, and Assessment

    Domain E:  Continued Professional Growth

    As part of the writing and evidence-collection process, the Master Teacher Committee provided individual and group support several times during the winter and spring months.  Portfolios were due in May. Candidates have to score exemplary in 4 out of five sections to qualify.  Candidates report spending approximately 30-40 hours completing this process and data collected could go back 5 years.  Master Teachers also receive 9 CEU credits for their work through the MCS  LPDC.  Successful completion of the program also earns the candidate a $500 one-time stipend from the district.

    Master Teacher status is now important in Ohio with the new licensure process.  A Master Teacher may now move up to a Senior Teacher License.  A Master Teacher taking three college classes may move up to the Lead Teacher License.  The lead teacher license will be very important to have for those teachers wishing to serve in leadership positions.  The Master Teacher designation is active for five years.