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Woodland Elementary students show their love for veterans

Woodland kindergarten students wave their flags as they present “Stars and Stripes Flag Routine” under the direction of music teacher Douglas Lizak.

      Woodland Elementary students thanked veterans Friday afternoon and they did it with flag-waving enthusiasm.

      Children in kindergarten through third grade stood quietly as a four-member color guard entered the gymnasium, then recited the Pledge of Allegiance loudly enough that it could be heard along Davis Road.

      Third-graders led the signing of the Star Spangled Banner.

      There was sustained applause as Principal Kimberly Johnson asked veterans in the audience of parents and grandparents to stand.

      Musical numbers, directed by music teacher Douglas Lizak, included:

      “Stars and Stripes Flag Routine,” kindergarten

      “This Land is Your Land,” first grade

      “Proud of our Veterans,” second grade

      “Grand Old Flag,” all grades

      Third-graders who spoke during the program were Azariah Roper, Kahl Tuttle, Lariah Jordan, Gino Redolf, Presley Kalis, Lyndsey Schonauer, Celine Bradley, Kay‘vion Norris, Keaghan Spear and Logan Church.

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