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Treasurer/Fiscal Services:
Robert Kuehnle, Treasurer
Email: kuehnle.robert@mansfieldschools.org


What is the role of the Treasurer?  
The treasurer has the responsibility as the chief fiscal officer of the school district. This responsibility encompasses collaboration with the district superintendent and the board of education, developing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures based on sound fiscal practices and the analysis of financial resources that support the district’s strategic plan for achieving its goals.

The treasurer provides oversight of personnel under their direct supervision and monitors the fiscal resources and financial data of the district. The role of the Treasurer’s Office in the school district affects all areas of the educational process. The Treasurer’s Office provides a service to all staff and many outside entities but does not have direct contact with students. However, each student’s education depends on the staff and the bills getting paid, and the purchase of instructional supplies.
The treasurer demonstrates the principles associated with school finance, budgeting, financial planning, accounting, auditing, financial reporting, cash management, investments, debt management, grant management, and the technology to maintain efficient financial operations of the school district.

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the public trust in the financial integrity of the school district by following and complying with acceptable financial accounting, auditing and reporting procedures. The treasurer must also comply with state and federal laws governing school finances.

The treasurer must remain knowledgeable of district contracts, bargaining agreements, and program changes. The treasurer is regularly and systematically collecting and analyzing the financial data of the district as conditions change by employing current technology and software.
The treasurer serves on the district records commission and must comply with applicable Ohio public records laws.
The treasurer oversees the capital assets and services of the school district including the property, buildings, materials, and equipment that require a systematic purchasing and maintenance system. The treasurer monitors district operations that include labor, purchasing and inventory, government subsidies, maintenance, utilities, technology, and security assets. The treasurer supervises debt, bonds, and other financial instruments related to construction and operations of the district facilities and services.

O.R.C. 3313.22

                                                         Sheri Gombosch                             
                                       Executive Assistant to the Treasurer
                  Leslie Watts                                                              Rhonda Berry
      Executive Assistant Payroll
                                               Executive Assistant Payroll    watts.leslie@mansfieldschools.org                                  berry.rhonda@mansfieldschools.org
                  Char Bottomley                                                          Lori Wilburn
Executive Assistant Accounts Payable                Executive Assistant Accounts Payable
bottomley.char@mansfieldschools.org                           wilburn.lori@mansfieldschools.org