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Blood Drive, Did you know??

This month we worked with interactive media after our lesson on the necessity of blood donor diversity. In working with interactive media we were trying to get the word out to our student population on the need for diverse blood donors. Sickle cell anemia is prevalent in the births of people of African descent and they can require many (up to 100) units of blood per year. Only people of African descent have the antigens (proteins) that help those with sickle cell anemia. The Red Cross is asking us to help with recruiting diverse donors to meet this need. In addition ..." while 13% of the U.S population is African American, less than 3% of Red Cross donors self-identify as African American." This has led to a shortage of blood for those with sickle cell anemia. Health tech is trying to help increase this awareness.

We are inviting those who would like to donate blood to come to the community room on April 26th to donate blood.

This QR Code will give you the opportunity to schedule a time for you to donate blood.

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