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Mansfield City Schools receives the District Level PBIS Recognition Award!

The Mansfield City School District would like to announce they have been awarded the District-Level PBIS Recognition Award!   This is the first time any school district in our region has ever been recognized at the district level for PBIS implementation.  The Ohio PBIS Network and State Support Teams identify districts that exemplify best practices in the implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). A recognized district demonstrates best practices within its system and is open and transparent in the sharing of its knowledge and resources with other districts. In applying for recognition, the district agrees to external verification of its application data and confirms its openness to involvement with the Ohio PBIS facilitation/coaching supports.
PBIS Award-level districts have easily identifiable characteristics and are consistent in their methods of 1) maintaining organized team-based planning, 2) maintaining high levels of administrative involvement and support and 3) systematically collecting, reviewing, and applying data using a problem-solving process. These districts do a superior job of enhancing their school climates and cultures in support of their schools, students, and academic achievement. These districts recognize that improvement in student behavior and achievement within their schools requires changes in adult behavior and in district and school systems.
The district team is composed of individuals who exemplify leadership within their buildings, as well as at the district level.  The Mansfield City Schools District PBIS Team members are integral in the success of PBIS implementation throughout the district.

Pictured: Jenny Uhde, Bernie Redman, Dahni Reynolds, Liz Donahue, Raymel Early, Nancy Shramko, Alexis Briggs, Josie Burns, and Suzanna Grubaugh.  Not pictured: The District team's amazing coach Olivia Siegfried

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