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Hydration and Nutrition


Hydration Facts:
  • Over 60% of your body is water.
  • Water is the best option for on and off the field.
  • Just a 2% weight loss can cause dehydration.
  • Check your urine to assess your hydration status. Pale yellow is well hydrated.

Dehydration Facts:
  • Increases effort and heart rate.
  • Increases body temperature and risk of overheating.
  • Impairs performance.
  • Fatigue faster.
  • Dark yellow urine color.

Smart Snacking Tips:
  • Choose a combination of foods to keep you energized and satisfied.
  • Pair healthy carbohydrates and protein.
  • Keep fueled every three hours with a snack or meal.
  • Add a snack before practice and games.
  • Thirty to 60 minutes is ideal.
  • Include a beverage too, such as water, 100% juice, or low-fat milk.
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