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Career-Technical Diploma with Honors Requirements

High School Career-Technical Diploma with Honors 

for Graduating Classes of 2011 and Beyond:
Students need to fulfill only 7 of the following 8 criteria




4 units


4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content


4 units, including Physics and Chemistry

Social Studies

4 units

Foreign Language

Not counted toward requirements


Fine Arts

Not counted toward requirements


Now counted toward Electives


4 units of Career-Technical minimum. Program must lead to an industry recognized credential, apprenticeship or be part of an articulated career pathway which can lead to post secondary credit.

Grade Point Average

3.5 on a 4.0 scale

ACT/SAT Score (excluding scores from the writing sections)*

27 ACT

1210 SAT

Additional Assessment

Achieve the proficiency benchmark established for the appropriate Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or the equivalent.


*Writing sections of either standardized test should not be included in the calculation of this score.

Diploma with Honors requirements pre-suppose completion of all high school diploma requirements in Ohio Revised Code including:

          ½ unit Physical Education**

          ½ unit Health

          ½ unit in American History

          ½ unit in Government

**SB 311 allows school districts to adopt a policy exempting students who participate in athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for two full seasons from the physical education requirement.

Ohio Department of Education                                                       May 4, 2007