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What College Professors Expect of Students


  • Regular class attendance
  • Being in class on time and staying the entire time
  • Using professionally appropriate language in class (no profanity)
  • Doing all assignments and readings even if they’re not for a grade
  • Ability to state what you read or hear in your own words
  • Ability to find additional information in the library or Internet when needed
  • Willingness to ask questions when you don’t understand something
  • Willingness to work with others in a group when required
  • Ability to know the difference between fact and fiction
  • Ability to see causes and effects, to see similarities and differences, and to draw conclusions
  • Ability to listen with an open mind to others without making snap judgments
  • Ability to use the vocabulary of the course textbook
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to read college-level textbooks
  • Ability to write on a college level
  • Willingness to get help with assignments when needed and know where to get it
  • Ask questions when you do not know
  • Know and utilize their office hours if you have questions or concerns
  • Taking notes in class and participating in meaningful class discussion
  • Turning in homework on time
  • Not eating in class
  • Completing assignments on time even if you’re absent
  • Turning OFF cell phones and do not send text messages
  • Asking questions about the format of tests (multiple choice, T/F, etc) amount of time to take, what it covers, etc.
  • Asking about grade status before midterms
  • Asking about your grade status before finals
  • Asking questions about assignments that your don’t understand
  • Leaving children at home
  • Taking responsibility for work in class