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ProgressBook Quick Start

Parent Access Web Site

ProgressBook “Quick Start” User Guide for Parents

ProgressBook enables parents and students to view student’s averages, progress details, report cards, attendance, schedule, homework, classroom information, events, and other school information. 

Log in to Parent Access Web Site

On the internet, go to www.tygerpride.com, Select Parents & Students Tab, Select Parent/Student grade access: Login with the user name and password you created your account with.  

1.    On the login screen, type your user name in the User Name field.
2.    Type your password in the Password field.
3.    Click Login.


Navigate Parent Access Web Site

The opening screen of the Parent Access Web Site provides ways to access information. The tabs located at the top of the screen read: Home, Student, Classroom, School, and My Account.



The student tab includes the information parents will view most frequently. Once clicked on, the student tab offers you for following options: Averages, Progress Details, Report Card, Attendance, and Schedule.


  • Averages: This tab will display student’s grades by class for each grading period. You can click on the class name link to view more information for that particular class.
  • Progress Details: This tab displays assignments accompanied by weight, mark, and comments, if any, for the selected class and grading period. 
  • Report Card: This tab displays the student’s report card grades once the school has published them. Click on the assessment column to see what the marks and codes mean.
  • Attendance: This tab shows your students daily school attendance.
  • Schedule: This tab shows your student’s class schedule by grading period.




The classroom tab provides information to students. Students and parents can check for homework assignments, view homework and activities for the month at a glance, and download any attachments the teacher may have posted to the class home page. If you have more than one student on your login account, you can select the appropriate student in the student list.

  • Homework: If the teacher posted homework assignments, they display on this tab. You may use the date fields shown to select a specific date range.
  • Monthly Planner: This shows the homework assignments in a calendar format.
  • Information: If the teacher has created a class home page, it displays on this tab. 



After you have logged in to the Parent Access Web Site for the first time,you should enter your email address. Then if you lose your login information, you can request that it be sent to you. In addition, your student’s teachers will have your email address for communication purposes.

  • Edit My Profile: This tab will allow you to add your name and full email address to your account. 
  • Login: You may change your login name, if desired, under this tab.
  • Password: This tab will allow you to change your password, if desired.
  • Link Accounts / Manage Accounts: These tabs will allow you to link your         students under one account. Follow the directives on these tabs to link your students.