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Academic/Student Achievement

Academic/Student Achievement 

All students will think critically and analytically, and will achieve high levels of academic success that meet or exceed state and national performance standards.

Students will:

1.  Be proficient in language arts:  Reading, Writing, Oral communications-speaking and listening
2.  Be proficient in Mathematics
3.  Be proficient in Sciences
4.  Be proficient in Social Studies:  Economics/Government, Geography, History
5.  Be proficient in the uses of technology
6.  Be proficient in a second language
7.  Participate in and appreciate the arts
8.  Participate in physical fitness

All students will be productive members of the community as it reflects the value of American democracy.

Students will:  
1.  Understand and respect the broad global range of cultures and belief structures
2.  Appreciate the process and demonstrate civic responsibility of: Voting and/or participating in the political process; Contributing positively to the community; Being good stewards of the environment

Essential Life and Work Skills

All students will demonstrate the aptitude, attitude, and skills to lead responsible, fulfilling, and respectful lives.

Students will:
1.  Possess high self-esteem
2.  Manage resources to resolve problems
3.  Possess sound character
4.  Identify and accomplish personal goals
5.  Possess the skills to manage conflict

Health and Safety

All students will understand and demonstrate the components of healthy lifestyles.

Students will:
1.  Understand the components of good physical, mental, and emotional health, including nutrition
2.  Make healthy decisions
3.  Know how to protect personal safety
4.  Understand how to access help and support for self and others

Revised and Adopted on January 19, 2010

Advanced Academics

Talented and Gifted Program K-12
 Middle Accelerated Program 7-8
Advance Placement/ Honors Courses 9-12
Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO)

Career Technical Academy

Business Arts & Communications
Business & Technology
Business Health & Human Services
Business Science & Engineering

Parent Choice Options

Malabar and Prospect students qualify for Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  For more information contact our Office of State and Federal Programs 419-525-6400 ext. 1018.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Each school has an after-school tutoring program for academic intervention district-wide for all grade levels.  Please contact the school directly for specific program offerings.

Instructional Technology

A+ Learning K-12
Discovery Education
Education City
More Starfall
PLATO 7-12
Read180 by Scholastic 4-12
Study Island

Mansfield Magnet Programs

The Spanish Immersion Program

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