Response to Intervention (RTI) is a problem solving model based upon regular progress monitoring to provide systematic, high quality instructional and behavioral planning matched to student needs.

Essential Components of RTI:

  • R.T.I. is a regular education (not special education) initiative intended to address student difficulties before they become life-long barriers to learning.
  • The school community and families work collaboratively in developing wrap-around strategies that promotes student learning.
  • Provides additional skill specific support systems and resources.
  • It is a systematic and data based process with specified progress monitoring, benchmarks and cut-offs which trigger intervention.
  • R.T.I. is a tiered system of increasing levels of intervention based upon student need.
  • R.T.I. involves planning and problem solving at the classroom, building and district level.
  • R.T.I may integrate systematic supports or programming from community agencies or community resources.

RTI is Not:

  • It is not a particular person, place or program.
  • Is not a special education service or plan. 
  • It is not a gateway to special education.