Intervention Assistance Team Process

Intervention Assistance Team Process

  • Identify a student
  • Review background documentation: CUM, Intervention, IAT, and Behavior folders and bring relevant information.
  • Notify principal

Tier 1 - Classroom Support - Suggested Activities:

  • Consult with Grade-Level Team.
  • Contact previous teacher(s).
  • Implement initial teacher initiated intervention(s).
  • Contact parent(s) or guardian.

Tier 2 - IAT Process and Planning - Suggested Activities:

 The following items should be completed prior to initial IAT:

  • Complete Consultation Referral & Information Form OR Problem Solving Worksheet
  • Complete Teacher Rating Form
  • Complete and bring any other optional forms you feel would be helpful
  • Compile work samples or other documentation

The IAT Team: outline tasks and will select desired forms or other information needed -Suggested Activities:

  • Review All Existing Data
  • Complete Health Form
  • Complete School Counselor Form
  • Complete Screening Instruments
  • Observe Student
  • Further Develop Action Plan
  • Identify Additional Supplemental Services
  • Schedule a Review(s)
  • Parent Permission Form
  • Release of Information Form

Tier 3 - Intensive Specialized Support - Possible Activities:

  • Implement additional or more intensive strategies identified at IAT (e.g. Read 180, Reading Recovery, etc.)
  • Track performance and response to intervention data
  • Secure additional resources
  • Additional screening
  • Coordinated planning, referral or intervention with parent
  • Referral for MFE if applicable

Note:  Outside services / consults may be requested at any point during the process.