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As you know, the last several winters we have concerned ourselves with the hard decision on whether or not to close the schools because of inclement weather. Whatever decision is made it is not pleasing to everyone, but the safety of the students has been and will continue to be our primary concern on inclement weather days. We try to make a decision by 6:00 a.m., but on occasion we are unable to do so. However, when we delay or postpone school, we notify the following Media immediately.

WVNO   106.1  FM                      WMAN   1400  AM        
WBNS/CBS - Channel 10              WJW/Fox8 -
Channel 3  Y-105    105.3 FM       WRGM   1440 AM           
WMFD TV 68 -  Channel 15

We will also record appropriate messages on our Cold Weather Hot Line (419-755-2159) and the Blackboard Alert System.

Blackboard Alert is an emergency notification system for parents, faculty and staff that is now available to the families of the Mansfield City Schools. Blackboard Alert will allow the district, or an individual school, to quickly and simultaneously issue alerts by telephone, texting and e-mail in case of emergencies and weather-related closings. Students are automatically integrated into the Alert system. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STUDENT IN THE SYSTEM and wish to receive alert messages--Complete the form at the bottom of the page to be included in alerts for selected schools.


Last year we had several days when the weather was potentially dangerous at 6:00 a.m. but much improved within the next hour and fine by mid-morning. With these unpredictable changes, we have decided to implement a 2-hour delay opening when we feel the conditions may improve and school can be in session.

Please follow these procedures on a 2-hour Delay
1.  Check the media, cold weather hot line, or leader alert for the announcement.
2.  Follow morning schedule, except 2 hours later. On a two-hour delay, if the bus normally comes at 7:15 a.m. – on this day the bus will arrive at 9:15 a.m.

Breakfast will be available to students upon arrival. Lunch will be served at the regular time. For those students on a period schedule, each period will be shortened to accommodate the delayed start.

** Pre-K a.m. classes will be cancelled anytime there is a 2-hour. delay. Pre-K p.m. classes will run as usual.

If schools are in session and weather conditions deteriorate, the safety of the students may require an early dismissal.  In homes where both parents work, an early dismissal can be very inconvenient.  We urge those parents to be certain that the children, especially the younger ones, know where to go if we dismiss early. We will use the same methods of notification for early dismissal that we use for cancellation or 2-hour delays.